The Panamanian Friends Association of Tel Aviv University

The Panamanian Friends Association of Tel Aviv University was established in 2016 with the purpose of publicizing and promoting Tel Aviv University at the national level, in order to facilitate the establishment of strategic alliances that have an impact on the development of Panama and Israel.

The Association’s mission is to support the academic excellence of the University through a variety of cultural, social and educational activities. These include student exchange programs, conferences and symposia, promotion of cooperation agreements and academic ties between Tel Aviv University and institutions of higher learning in Panama, and publication of the University’s research innovations in the Panamanian media.

Tel Aviv University in Panama

Tel Aviv University, as always at the forefront of educational, scientific and technological innovation, takes an important step by approaching Latin America. And within this important area, it has identified in Panama the advantages and benefits of the country to establish the first branch of Tel Aviv University in the region.

From our headquarters, we will be able to facilitate and provide all the information about undergraduate and postgraduate courses and careers; offer courses, workshops and seminars at a distance, using our facilites equipped with a modern technological and communication infrastructure (equipment and internet connections) and face-to-face talks with special guests of the institution when they visit us in Panama.