CybertechLive Latin America: Special Digital Edition of Cybertech LATAM Hosted from Panama

As cyber threats continue to grow around the world, more and more businesses, governments and individuals are looking for the most advanced technology and security solutions to stay ahead. In an increasingly interconnected environment, global cooperation and knowledge sharing are more important than ever.

Cybertech is connecting the world of cyber innovation to combat the risks of this type of activity with conferences and exhibitions around the world. Thousands of attendees gather at these events, including the flagship Cybertech Tel-Aviv, which attracted 18,000 guests in 2020.

This special digital edition of Cybertech for Latin America with new digital platform was built with audience participation in mind, connecting you with leading government and industry speakers, as well as other cybersecurity professionals in Latin America.

The one-day digital event brought together government officials, industry experts, academics, leading companies, and startups. The digital platform provided even greater exposure to participating companies, speakers, and audience members. Featured topics included cyber for healthcare, cyber for finance, banking and e-commerce, logistics, transportation, and digital transformation.

With the special participation of Dr. Jacob Mendel, who is Associate Professor and Head of Study of Cybersecurity at Coller School of Management, Tel-Aviv University, and Head of Blockchain CoE at JP Morgan Ltd Israel. He is a serial cybersecurity entrepreneur and holds 16 approved cybersecurity patents. Dr. Mendel was CEO of COE Cybersecurity at Intel and CEO and co-founder of SCsquare Ltd., where he created a business enabler for advanced cybersecurity technologies.

We also have the participation of Eli Faskha: Founder and CEO of Soluciones Seguras, one of the leading companies in Cybersecurity in Central America, with offices in Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala and El Salvador. He is the former president of the Panama Chamber of Technology, and is now the president of the Panama Hub Digital strategy. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Friends of Tel Aviv University in Panama.

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