Talk “International economic perspectives against Covid19 and after the results of the elections in the US”

The realization of this talk with the participation of Leonardo Leiderman, Eddy Silvera and the moderation of Eli Faskha, allowed to share information on the future of the international economy in the face of the impact of this pandemic and the political change in the United States, as events that can modify the way of carrying out the socio-economic and political activities of people, companies and governments, both locally and globally.

– Leonardo Leiderman: Professor of Economic Sciences at Tel Aviv University. Principal economic advisor to Bank Hapoalim. He was Vice President of the Central Bank of Israel and Chief Economist for Emerging Markets at Deutsche Bank. Expert in monetary policy, inflation, financial markets, economic crises.

• Talk 1, Leonardo Leiderman:
1. World economy, growth, employment, etc, lessons for 2020 and prospects for 2021.
2. Financial markets: Wall Street, Europe, Asia, Latam, lessons for 2020 and perspectives for 2021.
3. The future of globalization. The new world economic order.
4. The “new world”: technology, labor market, energy, etc.

– Eddy Silvera: General Manager and Director of Canal Bank. Director of Bnai Brith Panama. Director of the Panamcham Finance Committee. Columnist for the Star of Panama, Capital Financiero and Tyn Magazine on economic, financial, innovation and technology issues. Invited Professor IESA Panama and IUGT. Coordinator and Moderator of the Stay Home and Learn Spaces of BnaiBrith Panama and Regional.

• Talk 2, Eddy Silvera:
1. A strategic approach for the post-pandemic economic reactivation of Latin America.
2. Transformation of the Economy in the Latin American Region generated by digital technologies.
3. Recommendations to Business Managers to move forward in the post-pandemic period in the next 18 months.

Eli Faskha: President of Secure Solutions – Computer Security Expert – Speaker. Founder and CEO of Soluciones Seguras, a company with almost 20 years of experience in cybersecurity in Central America, which offers and develops computer security solutions. He holds multiple IT security certifications including CISSP, CEH, Security +, Check Point CCSM, and many more.

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