The Panamanian Friends Association of Tel Aviv University

The Panamanian Friends Association of Tel Aviv University was established in 2016 with the purpose of publicizing and promoting Tel Aviv University at the national level, in order to facilitate the establishment of strategic alliances that have an impact on the development of Panama and Israel.

Tel Aviv University

Tel Aviv University was founded in 1956. It is Israel’s leading institution of higher learning, providing education to more than 30,000 students, ranked among the best in the world. It is made up of schools and departments that span the entire spectrum of the sciences, humanities, and arts.

Facts and Figures

It is the largest and most comprehensive research university in Israel.
130 research institutes, 400 laboratories and 3,500 projects per year.
30,000 students, of which 14,000 are masters and doctoral candidates.
15,000 international alumni.
1,000 teachers and 1,400 affiliated doctors in 17 hospitals.
More than 20 international programs.

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